Help people of Yemen fight the effects of the civil war in their country

For the past two years, the United Nations declared the civil war in Yemen “The worst humanitarian crisis in the world”.

The war, which has been going on since 2015, has a complex political history. It is not just a single conflict between two sides but is a mosaic of power struggles on the regional, local and international levels, fueled by history as well as recent events. Entering its sixth year, it seems like there is no end to it in sight. In fact, the situation in Yemen is worsening. Living with war for over five years, the Yemeni People have been suffering from the heaviest tolls of conflict, being subjected to a life that violates human rights. 

As of 29 June 2020, in Yemen: 

    • 100,000 people have lost their lives

    • 4 million people have been displaced from their homes

    • 20 million people are labelled as food insecure

    • 24 million people are in need

    • Over 80 percent of people have been displaced for at least a year

Source: UNHCR

There is no single solution to war, especially a civil war-like The Yemen War with its roots in tangled webs of international transgressions and human rights violations. Nonetheless, there are still millions of people living with the reality of this war, and they need our help. Numerous charitable organisations are doing as much as possible to support civilians affected by the war. These organisations focus on different aspects of life for a person living with civil war. Some organisations focus on children and youth, providing them with continuous education and ensuring their safety. Others put great emphasis on building sanitation and health facilities, which include emergency relief for those physically affected by war. Additionally, various charitable organisations focus on peacebuilding and taking action against human rights violations. 

In this appeal, we have chosen four organisations with projects that focus on different aspects of providing relief to the people of Yemen. With your donation, you’ll be supporting all four organisations.


War Child Holland
War Child Holland has two ongoing projects in Yemen: Emergency Cash Assistance and Education in Emergencies Initiative. For the first, they distribute cash and vouchers directly to the most vulnerable families. Each remittance helps a family buy enough food for one month. For the second project, they rehabilitate schools and set up spaces to ensure that children have a safe environment to learn. 

International Rescue Committee (IRC)
IRC is providing health, nutrition, water and sanitation services to more than a quarter of a million people in Yemen. They deliver essential medicine and supplies to hospitals that treat children facing starvation and other life-threatening conditions including cholera. Their mobile health teams reach people living in remote mountainous regions.

SaferWorld supports women, youth, community groups and non-governmental organisations in their efforts to build peace and respond to the impact of the war. They continue to provide relief and safety to communities and offer new skills to young people. They emphasize gender issues, youth empowerment, peace and security, and strengthening civil societies. 

Humanity and Inclusion UK
Humanity and Inclusion UK (HI) mitigates the impact of the crisis by focusing on the most vulnerable people and meeting the most urgent needs. Their teams provide physical rehabilitation and psychosocial support to the people injured or left disabled by the conflict. HI also supports other non-profits to ensure that people with disabilities are taken into account within humanitarian interventions.

Cover image by Felton Davis(CC BY 2.0)

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