International rebellion begins, rebels take the streets all over the world


Numerous major cities in the world woke up to a rebellion on the morning of October 7th. Rebels, people concerned for the future of our planet, all over the world are blocking strategic points in big cities with the initiative of the Extinction Rebellion.

Established in the UK in 2018 as a non-violent civil disobedience group fighting to halt climate destruction and the ecological crisis we’re in, Extinction Rebellion now has 657 local branches all over the world, from India to New Zealand, to Ghana, to Iceland.

The demands of the movement are simple:

1) Tell the truth

Local governments and international authorities must be 100percent honest about the truth of climate destruction. The current coverage is not enough and extremely optimistic about the future of our planet. We have much less time than we’re told and every citizen deserves to know the truth.

2) Act now

Promises for the future and “commitments” to reduce environmental destruction are not enough. Governments have to act immediately.

 3) Beyond politics

Our future should not be in the hands of a select few whose actions are decided by their commitments, to power, money, and their public image. Decisive power committed to the good of the planet and the people is urgent and vital. Governments must establish Citizen’s Assemblies to lead decisions on climate and ecological justice.

Photo: Julia Hawkins

The global rebellion, Rebel Without Borders, that started today, aims to establish these three points and the rebels are not planning to stop until governments hear their voice. Rebels in Delhi, Perth, Cape Town, London, Bratislava, Islamabad, Montreal, Cape Town, Dublin amongst many others have been on the streets since the early hours of the morning, peacefully demonstrating their right to protest and demanding recognition from “the powers that be”.

Rebel Without Borders, just like Extinction Rebellion’s every action that was and will be, is non-violent. Protestors do not participate in any destructive action and do not physically resist the police in any case, including arrest. Hundreds of arrests have already occurred all over the world, including 135 in London and over 90 in our home base Amsterdam. 

If you, too, are concerned about the future of our planet and want to join the movement to save it, find your nearest local rebellion on

The header image is by Billy Rickards.

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