It starts with a problem
too big to solve alone

Our appeals are research-based curated collections of charitable organisations, all tackling the same urgent problem from different perspectives. Donating to one of our appeals means tackling an urgent world problem with several solutions.

Complex problems require comprehensive solutions

Take plastic pollution. Not using plastic straws or single-use shopping bags alone won't solve the problem. We also need to tackle plastic from industrial fishing, plastic use by major conglomerates and change government stances on single-use plastic.

Many organisations approach the same problem from different angles

One single organisation cannot tackle all aspects of a global problem. That's why we bring together impactful organisations with diverse solutions in our appeals.

We select the best performing organisations

The organisations we include in our appeals are amongst the best in their fields. Our research team analyses each organisation against our vetting framework, the results are then benchmarked depending on their scores on areas like strategy, responsibility, transparency and more.

Read more about our vetting framework

And collect them into a single appeal you can support

Each donation you make gets distributed amongst the organisations in the appeal. We also provide further details on each organisations’ solutions and give you updates on the total amount raised each month.

Explore our appeals See the Plastic Pollution Appeal in action

We regularly review the charitable landscape and keep our appeals up to date

The problem mutates
We adapt our analysis
Organisations evolve
We analyse them again
We update the appeal

So you'll easily find appeals with organisations you are proud to support

We have over [xxx] appeals covering a wide range of urgent, global problems.You can browse our appeals page or search by causes close to your heart.

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