Kinder Landing 2.0: Time off


We want a happy and productive team which means we want a well-rested team! We want you to take enough time off to reload and recharge so you can be at your prime when working. In order to be productive and produce high-quality work, getting enough rest is just as important as hard work. The well known on and off switch :)


For every full working year, based on a full-time position and a contract with a specified amount of hours, you’re entitled to 20 vacation days (So working 32 hours for example gets you 16 days).

On top of this there are 7 bank holidays that we follow. You can choose to take them on their original day (New years day, Easter Monday, Kingsday, Ascension day, Pentecost Monday, 1st Christmas day, 2nd Christmas day) or any other day that suits you better.

If you have a zero-hour contract, vacation days and holiday pay are already included in your hourly wage. So if you don’t work because you’re taking a vacation, you don’t count the hours.

In all cases, when you're thinking about taking some time off:

  1. Discuss your holiday dates with the rest of your team.

  2. Once the team agrees to them let Shona know.

  3. Shona will put the dates on the Google Calendar & keeps track of your total.

Keep in mind:

  • Make sure there is always someone from your team working (if your team consists of more than one person ;) )

  • At the busiest times of the year, we’re aiming to have as few people as possible away on holiday. For example, if we’re having an event, such as our Kinder Conversations we’d aim not to have anyone away on holiday.


Extra days off are always up for discussion. Since we have a lot going on right now with deadlines and such we cannot promise it's always possible to take more than the 27 days mentioned above, but if it works for you, for your team and for Kinder, we can always talk about it.